“When we first decided to get married, we had so many ideas and so many different things we wanted to incorporate into our day. And when it came to choosing how we wanted our ceremony to run, we got nervous…. I started to read up on all kinds of different things, and realised that it wasn’t as straight forward as we both thought…We had no idea about the legalities and vows and what order things were supposed to go in. But, when we met with Helen for the first time, our minds were put completely at ease. She knew exactly what to do, and had answers to all of our questions. She was very easy to get a hold of, and I found myself calling her non stop to ask for her opinion on different things, and she was not the least bit bothered by it! Helen went above and beyond with helping put our special day together, she was calling me a few weeks before with different ideas of things to add also, and even had a survival kit for the groom on the day! Thank you so so much for making our day run so smoothly Helen, you were absolutely wonderful from start to finish!”

Megan Butterworth



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